Neostage Theme include both dynamic sections and static (fixed) sections.

Dynamic sections are customizable blocks of content that you can add, reorder, and remove from your online store. Each theme has a unique set of dynamic sections to choose from, such as featured products, slideshows, featured collections, and videos. Dynamic sections exist only on the home page of your store.

Fixed sections are customizable blocks of content that cannot be reordered or removed from the theme. Fixed sections include the header and footer, as well as the body content for each type of page in your theme.

Different types of pages have different theme sections. When you visit the theme editor, the settings for the home page are shown by default. To access the settings for other pages, select the page type from the top bar drop-down menu:

Neostage - Theme Editor page switch

Each section has different types of settings. All of these settings are self explanatory.

Some sections are Common Sections. They exist in every page and cannot be removed. If you make any change in these common sections they will be change for whole website. These sections are:

Settings in for the Header, Subscription Popup and Footer depend on selected layouts in the Theme Settings tab.

Home Page

Each page in the theme might have several static sections. Although you can change the settings in the static sections, you cannot remove them from the page (You may disable some of them). Common Sections are also static sections.

But home page don't have any static section beside Common Sections. Instead, home page has dynamic sections. Dynamic sections can be dynamically added to the theme's home page. From the theme editor, you can configure multiple sections of the same type and reorder their appearance on the home page. More info