Demo Presets

You can find the our demo site's data (presets) in the /presets folder in the downloaded zip archive from the ThemeForest.

Follow these steps to include any of the preset to your site:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.

  2. For the Neostage theme, click Actions, then click Edit code:

  3. From the file directory in the sidebar, open the Configs folder and click settings_data.json.

  4. Select any of the presets in /presets folder in the downloaded ZIP file from the Themeforest

  5. Copy the content of the preset file to the settings_data.json and click Save.

Presets don't include the images/products/collections etc. They only include some settings. Since it's very easy to customize the theme via sections, it's recommended to customize the theme by yourself in the Theme Editor