Customer Accounts

Shopify gives you an ability to make customer accounts required or optional. Or if you want, you can disable customer accounts completely. Follow this guide to change the customer accounts settings for your store:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout.

  2. In the Customer accounts section, choose a customer account option:

    Shopify Customer Accounts Settings

    • Accounts are disabled
      Customers won't see the option to create an account or to log in during checkout. They'll have to manually enter their details at checkout, because fields won't be pre-filled.

    • Accounts are optional
      Customers can choose to create an account, but it's not mandatory to create an account to check out. If customers do have an account and they're logged in, then their address fields are pre-filled when they place an order.

    • Accounts are required
      Customers need to create an account, or have an account and be logged in to complete the checkout. This setting is useful if you're running a wholesale or members-only store, for example. Address fields are pre-filled when the customer places an order.

  3. Click Save to confirm your customer account settings.